Colour Schemes
28 Feb

Once again Pantone has announced its colour of the year and this time they have gone with a very classic choice. Pantone has gone for classic blue, a shade that could be described as being like the sky at dusk. 


Pantone has named colour for each year for over two decades now. You can expect the colour pick to mean a lot of people opt to find ways to bring it into their homes, with plenty of home decor styles being inspired by the choice. So, how can you use classic blue when you’re decorating?

How can I Incorporate Pantone into my Home? 

One way would be to create a feature wall, perhaps in the living room, and when it comes to the painting opt for classic blue paint. This could be teamed with some sofas that are in complementary blues. The same could be said for some side tables. Although if you want to be a bit braver, white side tables would contrast in a vibrant way. 


If you did not want to go down the paint route, how about finding an attractive wallpaper design you like in classic blue? A nice faux fur rug in classic blue could look great, or again bring in that white contrast with a classic blue and white striped rug. Or if you want to go a bit further with stripes, there are some great sofas in classic blue and white stripes.


The bathroom naturally lends itself well to classic blue. You could splash out with the right accessories, such as some nice classic blue towels. Paint colours for a bath can work and if you have the right set up (for example a mostly white bathroom) a classic blue painted bath would be a standout choice. A more subtle way to go is to have some white tiles with classic blue patterns on them.


Don’t forget the bedroom when looking at your decorating options. Consider a pair of classic blue blackouts, they will help to keep the room dark and can add a touch of luxury to the bedroom. You can also purchase some excellent classic blue themed bed sets. Or what about a classic blue carpet?


Like the bathroom, classic blue fits in well with the kitchen. This is because it is a very clean and concise colour, but the nice thing about it is it still has an element of vibrancy. It would work well on kitchen tiles, but also consider how you could use your accessories to embrace the colour. For example, a cast-iron pot, or a dinner set in classic blue looks great in any home.



Over the years we have had many Pantone colours but the 2020s is perhaps one of the most versatile. As classic blue suits so many different areas of the home and is generally a well-liked shade. Furthermore, it is a somewhat timeless colour that will never go out of fashion, so it will help to future proof the design of your home!


Use a colour chart to help identify the exact look of the colour and see what matches work well with it. And when it comes to the designing you can come up with the ideas or hire a designer to see what they think. You also might like to hire a professional to complete the work to a high standard for you. It may also help save you a bit of time and money and have your home set up with flourishes of classic blue in no time!


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