Modern yellow wall with modern chairs
31 May

The Underlying Meanings of Paint Colours

Colours indicate either the positive or negative side of thoughts and actions. When used in interior design, they act as a bridge between the owners and visitors to convey a specific mood or message. The use of different paint colours can also be a way for one to express their individuality.

The common paint colours are: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, pink, black, and white — and they all come with different predetermined meanings.


Red Paint

To begin with, red is seen as an authoritative paint colour with a touch of tension, passion, and excitement, so it is not recommended for bedrooms. However, it can be used in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms.


Orange Paint

Orange paint is recognized as a thirst for creativity, adventure, and freshness. If there’s a designated area for your gym equipment at home, this is the best paint colour to be used to increase energy levels. It can be used in kitchens and dining rooms as well.


Yellow Paint

Yellow paint shouts optimism, playfulness, and bliss. Use it on the walls of your living room as it attracts positive vibes. However, it is not recommended for bedrooms as the hue can be distracting.


Blue Paint

Give your space a sense of serenity with blue paint. It symbolizes calmness and comfort, making it suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms.


Green Paint

Green paint can boost the mood by reminding one about nature, especially spring — a new beginning. The shade is highly advised to be used in kitchens, family rooms, and living rooms.


Purple Paint

As for purple paint, it creates a soothing setting. Thus, purple can be used in bedrooms and living rooms to give these areas a tranquil and elegant vibe, though it is not suggested to be used in bathrooms.

Purple paint


Brown Paint

Brown paint evokes an inviting and comfortable feeling. It portrays warmth and relief, so it should be used in the kitchen, dining room, or living room, which are areas that need to exude a cosy, homey vibe.


Pink Paint

When it’s time to sprinkle a bit of romance and feminism, pink paint is needed. It is a great recommendation for bathrooms and girl’s bedrooms since the colour conveys softness and warmth. Combined with proper lighting, pink can give any space a healthy glow.


Black Paint

On the other hand, black paint implies sophistication, luxury, and formality. Because of this, it does not necessarily have a specific room to be used in. It can be used wherever as long as it provides a contrast with other paint colours. The versatility of black paint makes it complementary to both modern and classic styles.

Painting wall


White Paint

Lastly, as the opposite of black, white paint symbolizes purity and simplicity. Since it is linked with cleanliness, it is often used in bathrooms.

Each shade of paint portrays a distinct mood and vibe. When combined, they can liven up and/or add drama to any space. The combination of colours can subconsciously nudge people to feel a certain mood. However, keep in mind that mixing and matching colours will depend on your personal taste and preference. The above is just a guide to help you decide what colour you should select for specific areas of your home or property.