modern office interior.
28 Jun

The productivity and comfort of your employees are heavily influenced by office design, space usage and most importantly layout. Are you redesigning your office or moving to a new place? Well, stop right there. We’re going to give you an insight into why your office design and layout play a key part in the productivity of your employees. 


Interior Design

When you’re looking to refurbish your office space it’s important to consider a few points. Each individual point has its benefits when it comes to keeping your productivity up. These include:


Recent studies show that “bland”, “boring” neutral colours can, in fact, damage the productivity of your employees. Fill your office with some splashes of bright, bold colours, to boost creativity and stimulate thinking. 


What colours are best for my office? Good question. Need help generating ideas? Fill your office space with blues and greens. These colours have been proven to help when trying to produce fresh ideas. Keep the attention of your employees by applying the colour red around your office.


Shapes? How can that boost the productivity of my employees? Well, shapes are often overlooked. The shapes of everyday products can have an impact on employee productivity. Applying curved furniture in and around your office can help to boost creativity. 


Decorations are a great way to keep your office fun and creative. However, when these become too much it can make your office cluttered. Minimise the distractions in your office by keeping the clutter to the minimum. 


Have you ever disagreed with a colleague over whether you should turn up the heating or air conditioning? Well, it’s something that is very difficult to avoid, everyone’s preferred temperature is different. Studies have shown that the most comfortable temperature for a large majority of people is 20-24℃. 


Another option would be to open the windows and doors to allow fresh air to flood your office. The fresh air helps to keep the attention of your employees and keep productivity levels up. 


the modern office interior design sketch

Space Planning 

When refurbishing your office, the most important consideration is the layout. There are many things to consider; What works well for your employees, and what works well for the productivity of your employees.


When planning the new layout for your office here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Which people work well together? Which people don’t work well together?
  2. Are your employees frequently on the move? If so, why not place them by the door so they don’t disturb other employees when they leave? 
  3. Do they spend a large amount of time on the phone speaking to clients? If so, should they have a quiet space? 


Aim to strike a balance between open working space and small offices. Allow those quiet spaces for when they’re needed but allow your employees to work as a connective. Promoting teamwork and productivity.  A cheerful and comfortable workspace will help to keep employee morale up and help in boosting productivity. 


Here at Evans Decor, we make every effort to provide professional painting and decorating services within a time scale that best suits you. If you would like to find out more about how we can help with your office refurbishment please get in touch on 01494 702036 or head over to our contact page.