31 May

Ideal Bedroom Design Ideas for You

If you’re on the lookout for wonderful bedroom designs you have come to the right place! Most people don’t know but we actually spend around a third of our lives in bed? It is, therefore, essential that our bedrooms are beautiful and as practical as possible. One way to get ideas for bedroom designs is to browse through several magazines about home improvement and interior decoration.

When decorating your bedroom, you should always bear in mind that this is not just a place where you will spend the night. In addition to sleeping, there are many other important and regular activities that a person performs in their room. Some people like to read books and do their extra work while sitting in the bedroom. Therefore, when designing a bedroom decoration, be sure to organise in a way that you do not have to face any problems later on.

The choice of furniture is the most crucial part of the bedroom design. You can look for some of your bedroom inspiration by creating a list of preferred colours like and then look for places on the Internet that show the best ways to assemble these. For example, if the colour blue is your favourite colour, you can find the perfect tone that will be in your bedroom, complemented by other similar colours or shamelessly contrasting to get the best effects. The blue with an orange line to perfection so that you can use the blue dye and the master as the colour-splattered with some orange elements. 2019 has brought some fantastic trends in this year we’ve listed a few below:


Velvet furnishings

Velvet did seem old fashioned and dated but 2019 brought it back with velour beds and chairs. These look great in bedrooms and can really transform it. The fabric has gained a lot of attention from interior designers as they’re all gravitating towards the fabric more and more. We’ve also found that the velvet cushions are very popular and can add some really great colours to a more neutral room.

Floral patterns

2019 is the year that floral patterns have made it big again, this is a classic décor that has been around for ages, but floral wallpaper has become more popular as a feature wall. Decorating with florals can really bring a room to life and add in contrasting colours and add a playful aspect to the room.


Copper accents

Rose gold was the best thing in 2018 but now in 2019 we’ve moved on to copper, with its red and orange tones copper is much needed in rooms whether that’s a copper lamp or some copper door handles on a wardrobe we think they look really great and can add an earthy feel to any room.


Blush pink

This has blown up in 2018 the beautiful colour has grown since the start of the year and gives off a very modern feel. This can be added by cushions, curtains or maybe a nice blush pink velour chair.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog and it has given you some ideas for your bedroom. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01494702 036 or head over to our contact page for more information.