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31 Jul

If you’re having a painting and decorating service come to your home and you are looking to prepare where they are working, then there are a few things that you can do to greatly help them as well as save costs for yourself on the work done.


Clean The Area 

Before any work can begin, all the rooms in which the work is going to be done will have to be thoroughly cleaned. Doing this will clear the rooms of any dust, cobwebs or dirt that can stick to the paint and give a poor finish.

Depending on where is going to be painted you will have to clean the walls, skirting boards, coving, dado rails and possibly windows and window frames as well as doors. This will then stop any dirt, grime or grease that is in those places affecting the paint and causing numerous issues such as patchiness.

If the room being painted is your bathroom, then you must be sure to check and get rid of any mould or damp that is in the room. Getting rid of this will take more than a wipe though. In the result that there is damp found, this may have to be professionally treated depending on the severity. But being aware of these and having rid of them will stop the likelihood of any bubbling of the paint or any mould spreading faster throughout the room.

Colourful Paint Pots

Remove Furniture 

The Furniture in your property will have to ideally be removed from the room where the work is going to be done. This will ensure that the risk of damage from paint splatters is minimised, as well as allowing the painters to freely move in the room letting them reach all parts of the room with ease. 

However, if not all of the furniture can be removed from the room then this will have to be covered with a sheet that can get paint on but not allow paint to seep through onto the furniture and other items. By doing this all the furniture and other items will be centralised allowing space and access to the walls and otherwise inaccessible areas. This will then minimise the risk of paint splatters on your items.


Remove Wall Mounted Items

As with the furniture, any wall mounted items such as televisions, mirrors, pictures or paintings will have to be removed from the room. To ensure that these items go back in the same places, you can leave any hooks, nails or other hanging devices in the walls. These can then be painted around simply. 

However, with items such as radiators which cannot be removed from the wall without proper disconnection from a certified plumber, the painters and decorators have specialist equipment to get around and behind these items to fully complete the job without having to remove these items.

painting a wall

Do a Precoat or Undercoat

If you already have the paint then you have the opportunity to apply a precoat or undercoat to the area where you are wanting to be painted. Doing this will speed up the painting process for yourself as well as the painters and decorators. As well as speeding up the process this can also lower the cost as part of the work has already been done.

Also, if you’re supplying the paint  for the job, you should make sure that you have more than enough for the whole job. Also, by having extra paint that is left over after the job, you can then paint over any blemishes or scuffs that may occur in the future.


In conclusion, any dirt and grime that is in your property can affect the quality of the work and will delay the timeliness of the job. Painters and decorators do come prepared to do these small tasks to ensure that the work they do is up to the highest standard and that your property are personal items are protected. But any preparation that you do for them will greatly help your painters and decorators during the job.


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