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28 Feb

How to Paint a Bathroom – Tips and Tricks

Have you ever thought of how your bathroom forms an important part of your daily life? If so, then you must have realised and understood the need to have it well kept.

The bathroom, although usually the smallest room in our home, matters a lot. It is in this room that you start your morning routine and wash off the day before you go to bed for every day of your life. Most people immediately after waking up take a shower, brush their teeth and style their hair before leaving the house for other daily engagements. There are numerous advantages of having a well-kept bathroom to help your day get off to the right start. A nicely painted bathroom will help you feel much better about your home, here are our tips for decorating a bathroom.

How to paint your bathroom

Painting your bathroom doesn’t need to be difficult, very little skill is required. All you need to successfully paint your bathroom and give it that fresh look is the ability to come up with creative ideas.

To begin with, prepare the surfaces that you intend to paint. This can be done by thoroughly scraping the surfaces, this makes the surface smooth and even.

Consider light colours for the spacious surfaces like the walls and retain the darker tones for accents only. Light colours are more reflective and their combination with dark themes on carefully selected surfaces gives the ideal attractive appearance.

In addition to that, you should also understand that bathroom paint is subjected to quite adverse conditions, with lots of moisture in the air wear and tear is inevitable. It is advisable that you consider water-resistant paints. These paints are also easier to clean without causing any damage or rubbing the paint off.

If you consider giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint, you should also understand that painting goes in hand with lighting. As simple as it sounds, having the ideal lighting that perfectly matches the paint can give your bathroom an entirely new look. This can be explained by the fact that different lighting forms give different forms of reflection on different colour themes.

Old generation and basic lighting appliances are not ideal. It is important to change such appliances and affix modern ones such as modern fluorescents and LED lights which perfectly complement your fresh paint.

Having replaced your lights and given your bathroom surfaces a fresh paint, consider upgrading your bathroom hardware. Consider replacing old and clumsy drawers and wall cabinets. Affix new towel bars and toilet papers that complement your new colour scheme. It is also understandable that some people treasure their old stuff making it difficult to let go of them. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, consider giving the “irreplaceable hardware” a fresh look. That can be simply achieved by repainting them to give them an appealing outlook. 

If you don’t have the time or consider yourself a DIY novice, we’d advise hiring a professional painter and decorator to help decorate your bathroom, feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help.

Professional Woman Worker Painting in the Bathroom