29 Mar

How to Add a Splash of Colour to Your Living Room

Colour is a brilliant way to refurbish your living room without having to entirely transform the existing theme or design. However, if this is done incorrectly you can actually cause the current design to look less appealing. Here are our tips for adding a splash of colour to your living room.

Change the colour of the walls

If changing the colour of the walls is an option for you then we recommended something slightly different, such as changing one colour of the wall and leaving the rest a different colour or adding in a feature wall and adding in some wallpaper. Doing this can change the focal point of your living room and bring in a completely different look without needing to change too much. There are multiple options you can choose from. You could opt for a bolder dark coloured wall or even bring in a warmer tone and create a more subtle feel.

Revamp chair cushions

An additional way to enhance colour to your lounge without disturbing your design is restoring your seats and pillows. If you have fabric chairs as part of your home, you may want to freshen those up and change up the pre-existing fabric.

When choosing fabric for changing chair cushions consider bright, bold colours as this will attract people’s attention and will give the room a classy feel. You could also even consider going with patterns.

Add a little bit of colour with pillows

Pillows are a great way to somewhat change the look of a room without needing to do anything radical. This is likewise a great way to add colour to your home due to the fact that you can easily swap to different colours as well as patterns. You could even mix and match the cushions and have two different colours that go well with the room and the rest of the décor.

Adding a bit of nature

Fresh plants and flowers can add not only a sense of being fresh but is also an excellent way to add colour. You can choose to add pops of contrasting colours or different colour tones. If you are concerned about choosing the right flowers or arranging the flowers in order, you could consider asking a florist and they will also be able to advise which flowers will last longer with less care as you want the flowers to brighten up the home.

Add a little bit of art

Colourful and creative artwork is the way forward, the can finish off any home and are becoming increasingly popular. As an alternative to looking for paintings that have individuals or specific images consider a more freestyle type of artwork with different colours and shapes.

Don’t forget about the floor

Many home decorators forget all about the floor of their home when looking for areas to add a splash of colour. Placing a colourful rug under a coffee table can bring the living room together while adding some colour or even a pattern.

Get creative!

Bored with the look of your living room? Why not get creative and have fun with space. If you have bookshelves in your living room, you can add a little bit of life and colour to them by painting the inside of the bookshelf, you can make it as dramatic or subtle as you wish. In a neutral living room, you can go all out with colour and pattern.


Adding a pop of colour to the living room can be a challenge and many feel that they have to re-paint the whole living room, get new furniture and revamp the whole space, therefore, we hope that our guide has helped you in adding a splash of colour with minimum effort. If you need any further help or advice, please feel free to get in touch.