Feature wall in office
30 Sep

What is a Feature Wall

A feature wall is any wall that is designed to stand out from the rest. It sets the tone of the interiors and is also known as an accent wall. Feature walls are typically used in living rooms but are also used in dining halls and bedrooms. 

Features walls can be accentuated with something as simple as a painting or can be designed to be as intricate as a bookshelf. There is no book of rules when you’re deciding how you want to decorate your wall. It’s something that is purely based on choice and is often a reflection of your personality. Depending on how it’s decorated, a feature wall can be inexpensive, while those with a rich taste might even spend thousands of dollars on a single wall. 

Four Ideas for a Beautiful Feature wall

 Living Room

Wall with photographs

Decorate what draws the eye first. A living room’s feature wall should be the one just opposite to the entrance. If personalisation is your cup of tea, decorate the wall with prints of your family photos, vacations, your kids at school and so on. It is an excellent way to stamp your family’s identity in your living room. Use the space beneath to mount your LED TV, or if two things together would distract you, place your sofa beside the wall. When someone enters the room, they’ll see you and your photographs together. 


Whether you love books or not, intricate shelves can amaze everyone. One of the sidewalls of your living room could have such an elaborate rack. A wall at the far side of the entrance with a shelf and a colour that contrasts with the other three walls would grab everyone’s attention every time you enter. You should look to place both decorative and functional items on the shelves. This will add to the overall aesthetic and functionality. Storage boxes are also another great way to prevent your living room from getting cluttered. 


Bed Room

Wooden Finish or Wallpaper

Bedrooms are best kept classic. Too many colours and conspicuous art can distract the mind from getting a peaceful sleep. A wooden accent would be the right choice for a wall next to the bedpost. Subtle wall art would also prevent the wall from looking too dull. Reading lights attached on the wall and small rectangular lamps are an excellent way to have subtle light in the room. Those who like a decorative touch can have a fancy wallpaper with bright colours. These bright colours can then reflect light, causing the rooms to appear more prominent. 

Study Room 

Blackboard and wooden shelf combined

The study room can have a partial blackboard as a feature wall. The blackboard itself to be used to write the weekly schedule, and a small clock can also be added to keep track of the time. An adjustable lamp mounted to the accent wall can act as a light for the study table placed in front of the wall. 

You could also add wooden fixtures to keep books and notes organised. Framed quotes for motivation may also serve a useful purpose in a study room. Decorating an accent wall will take a lot of creative thinking, and often requires all members of the family to get together to decide. After which, the home should reflect everyone’s personality. If you prefer a more straightforward and more standard approach, talk to a designer or look up some designs on the Internet and order similar items to get a replica of the design you saw.

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