Colour Schemes
30 Jun

Paint can make such a difference wherever it’s used. A certain colour can bring out the best in a room or building. It can help create a certain mood or lend itself to an overall interior design theme. Particular colours can even help an area to appear bigger, or allow for more light to enter. To help us make the right decisions when it comes to painting colours, let’s look at 6 important considerations when choosing the right paint colour.

  1. Choose a Colour You Like!

This may seem an obvious one, but pick a colour you like! Sometimes people can get a bit caught up in picking the latest trends as their paint choice, but there is no point in doing that if the current flavour of the month is based around something you don’t like!

Colourful Paint Pots
  1. The Orientation of Your Room

Where you plan on having your painted area makes a difference in how the colour is going to look. So, the direction that your room in question faces and what type of light is present and entering it, will affect the look of the paint. So, if you’re looking at a room that has an artificial stream of light pointing in the direction of the paint you may prefer to select darker shades of paint that are unlikely to be affected.

  1. Consider Surfaces

You might not initially think about the surfaces of areas where the paint is to be applied, but its textures will change the appearance of the colour. If you had, say, a rougher wall you can expect the paint shades to seem darker. But painted smooth walls will appear lighter.

  1. Think about Colours Reflecting off Each Other

The placement of colour can make such a difference. For instance, the angle a painted surface is at compared to another nearby surface alters how we view each colour.

  1. The Wanted Mood

Yes, so colours in a room, can affect mood in a room! With this in mind, think about how you would like the room to feel. Should it be relaxing? Go for a nice calming light blue. Romantic? Maybe a deep red. Or cosy? Then warmer colours make a great choice.

  1. The Finish

Even once you have chosen a colour and have it applied to a surface the look of the colour can still be changed, and one way it can be changed is by the finish that is selected. You might select gloss, semi-gloss or satin, either way, the finish you choose will affect how the colour looks.

Choosing a paint colour can be a fun job and hopefully taking in these considerations will help you discover a shade that works for you. Using a colours chart can be a big help in finding out what options you have. And when it comes to completing the actual painting job, don’t forget to make sure you have someone who is up to the work, you don’t want to have a botched paint job on your hands! Hiring a professional painter and decorator can help avoid such a problem! 

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