Man applying green painters tape to edges of shelving he doesn't want to paint.
31 Mar

How to Prepare Your Wall Before Painting

It wasn’t that long ago that wallpaper was the only thing any self-respecting wall would be seen wearing this season. Whilst it’s still in style in some circles, painting a wall has become the go-to fashion accessory for rooms around the world.

Feature wall in office
30 Sep

Five Creative Ideas for a Feature Wall

What is a Feature Wall A feature wall is any wall that is designed to stand out from the rest. It sets the tone of the interiors and is also known as an accent wall. Feature walls are typically used in living rooms but are also used in dining halls and bedrooms.  Features walls can […]

modern office interior.
28 Jun

The Importance of Office Design & Space Planning

The productivity and comfort of your employees are heavily influenced by office design, space usage and most importantly layout. Are you redesigning your office or moving to a new place? Well, stop right there. We’re going to give you an insight into why your office design and layout play a key part in the productivity […]

31 May

Ideal Bedroom Design Ideas for You

Ideal Bedroom Design Ideas for You If you’re on the lookout for wonderful bedroom designs you have come to the right place! Most people don’t know but we actually spend around a third of our lives in bed? It is, therefore, essential that our bedrooms are beautiful and as practical as possible. One way to […]

Hotel Room
27 Apr

Best Type of Paint for Hotel Rooms

Best Type of Paint for Hotel Rooms The type of paint used in a room has the ability to affect a lot of things within that room. This is even more pronounced when it comes to hotel rooms. Choosing the right commercial paint for your hotel rooms becomes a matter of huge importance. Though this […]

Colourful Paint Pots
30 Mar

Top 5 types of paint

Top 5 Types of Paint There are many types of paint that you’ll encounter while decorating, all of them have different uses and finishes. This article will give you all the information on the Top 5 types of paint for to make it easier to decide which is the perfect type of paint for the […]

Dirty Paint brushes
27 Feb

Types of paintbrushes and paint brush bristles

Types of Paintbrushes and Paintbrush Bristles Understanding you’re the right paintbrushes and rollers to use for what purpose is the first step to painting correctly, so we’re going to run through the main types and when and where you should use them in your home or other residential painting projects. Paint Brush Bristle Types The […]

Modern Living room
17 Jan

Welcome to our new blog

Hi There, Welcome to our new Blog! We are Evans Décor and we are professional painters and decorators with a passion for our trade that we’d love to share with you. Our years of experience has given us a fantastic wealth of knowledge in our niche, and each month we hope to share with you […]