Professional Painter Loading Paint Onto His Brush From a paint pot
29 Jan


Why You Should Use a Professional Painter and Decorator

Why should I hire a professional painter to decorate my home? Great question. There are so many benefits to hiring a professional to paint your home, instead of taking the DIY route. Painting and decorating may not look extremely difficult but hiring someone with the relevant skills and knowledge can guarantee a quality finish. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of hiring a professional decorator as well as how they can benefit you and your home.


Qualified and experienced

When hiring a professional you are sure to receive a high-quality finish. With their professional advice, you will be able to overcome any issues raised in the painting process that could risk prolonging the service. They tend to have a good eye for colours and paint finishes, and so will be able to give justified suggestions to best suit your needs and produce work of a high standard. A professional decorator will also have a keen eye for which style of furniture will work best within your home. With their professional vision they can select the right furniture from providers such as Lakeland Furniture.


No need to go out and purchase the necessary equipment, professional decorators have everything required to complete the job. When completing a DIY project, purchasing all of the necessary tools and materials is essential. This can add up to be quite expensive, this is something you should certainly consider when making your decision on whether to hire a professional or not.

Reduced stress

Hiring a professional can heavily reduce the amount of stress that’s involved in getting part or all of your house redecorated, as there’s no need to worry about making mistakes, or trying to teach yourself how to do various DIY jobs. Checking they have the correct qualifications and good reviews before hiring will mean you can put your mind at rest.

Faster work

Time, we never have enough of it. An important factor to remember when considering hiring a professional decorator is that they know what they’re doing. As simple as it sounds you need to remember that they’re professionals, who have lots of experience in this field. They’re able to do a big job in a couple of days whereas someone without experience may take much longer. This allows you to get your house back to normal before it starts to disrupt your life too much.Kneeling home decorator painting a wall white with a roller


Preparing walls for a fresh coat is more important than you may think. A professional is able to identify all necessary steps to complete the job at the highest quality possible. Preparing the walls before painting will give a long-lasting result, this may take slightly more time but will be worth it in the long run. It will prevent the walls from chipping, cracking and splintering in the long run, saving you time and money in the future.  


Just like if you were to try and install a tv aerial, for example, you have to recognise that there are safety implications involved. When decorating you may not be aware of the unseen hazards. If you don’t supply the correct ventilation when painting, it could cause chemicals to build and if inhaled cause serious problems for your health. Professionals are aware of all hazards and can correctly execute safety precautions to prevent any possible dangerous outcomes. For taller ceilings a ladder may be necessary to reach those tricky spots – when using a ladder, you should be aware of your surroundings to prevent injuries. Decorators are trained to use ladders safely and professionally.

Why should I use a professional painter and decorator? Hopefully you now understand the importance of hiring a professional to do your decorating. If you’d like to find out more about our professional painting and decorating services, feel free to get in touch.