28 May

Are you decorating a child’s playroom for the first time? No matter their age – nor if they are a girl or a boy – it’s always a great idea to go with a colourful and fun design. Are you stuck on what look you feel will work best while decorating playroom walls? Here are some brilliant children’s playroom decorating ideas which might just add a bit more colour and life back into your life – and your kids’ lives, too!

Choose One or Two Colours

When painting and decorating a playroom, don’t be too tempted to splash every colour in your palette over the walls. The best way to create a fun, colourful playroom which is still really easy on the eye, is to choose a mild colour and a bold colour. There are several colours which go together perfectly in this regard. Blue and yellow, pink and purple – what appeals to you?

Contrast Furniture Colours

When painting and decorating a playroom, it’s also tempting to make everything the same colour or shade. While you may have two colours for the walls, for example, make sure that the furniture stands out on its own. This could be as simple as setting up white or neutral sideboards and a simple crib, for example. You should ideally look to contrast the colour of your furniture with your walls, however, don’t go for any shades or looks which are too outlandish.

Look to the Animal Kingdom

Fun, cuddly animals are always appealing to young children, and if you are setting up an exciting playroom, a great idea might be to paint or emblazon cartoon animals and critters along the walls. These will help to add an extra level of fun to proceedings. What’s more, animals are gender-neutral, meaning you don’t have to worry about coming across too ‘girly’ or too ‘boyish’!

Add in a Border

It’s safe to say that the right border can really bring walls together. This really is true in the case of a playroom or children’s bedroom. Instead of painting individual designs and characters physically on the walls themselves, you may wish to set up a colourful and cartoonish border which will complement the colours you have in place. Simple! 

Think About Fun Storage Options

As well as painting and decorating in plenty of fun colours and looks, you should think about setting up fun, safe storage solutions. Big, plastic boxes or safe wooden crates for toys and games. You may also wish to set up colourful corner shelves for other toys or even books for storytime at night.

Crucially, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional painter and decorator to help take on some of the more intensive design work. From the initial design stages through to the full execution, make sure you look for a team who specialises in children’s playroom decorating ideas – no matter the age your kids may be, you’ll need a fun, colourful space they can enjoy coming back to again and again. For more information, give us a call on 07463 738456 or visit our contact page for other details.