Room with lighted christmas tree
28 Nov

Six Tips To Get Ready For Santa

The festive season is just a few weeks away and, as usual, many families are gearing up for Santa’s magical visit. As kids, Santa leaving us all presents is probably the most enchanting moments of Christmas


But not everyone has enjoyed the privilege of a Santa visit. That is because it takes more effort than just being good the whole year to get Father Christmas to show up in your home and leave gifts. Here are some fun tips to prepare your home for Santa’s visit that are perfect to do with your children


1. Hire a Professional Painter & Decorator


One way to treat yourself this Christmas is to paint and decorate your home. Painting and decoration work can be a job you put off getting done, but before Christmas is the perfect time to have someone complete it for you. Hiring a professional painter and decorator is the best way to ensure great results and guarantee a great backdrop for all your Christmas memories. 


2. Keep Your Home Extra Clean and Neat


If you don’t need any painting or decorating completing, then tidying and cleaning your home is great preparation for the big day. After all, you wouldn’t want Santa leaving presents in a messy house, would you?


3. Leave Him Some Treats


Santa manages to magically visit millions of homes around the UK on Christmas Eve so he can leave everyone their gifts. The best way you can thank him is by leaving out food and drink for him. Place a jar of cookies, a glass of milk, and a carrot for Rudolph by the Christmas tree to say thanks.


4. Hang Up Christmas Stockings


Santa is a very organised and neat person who wouldn’t clutter your neatly organised home with sweets, chocolate bars, and all of the Christmas presents. Hang a few Christmas stockings by the Christmas tree for him to fill with treats and gifts he has for your family.


5. Hang a Few Welcome Santa Signs


Encourage Santa to visit your home by hanging a few “Welcome Santa” signs, maybe start with your front door or living room windows. The big man loves to drop by homes he feels are welcoming and may even leave some extra presents.


6. Bed Time


After you have completed all the above steps, turn off your lights and go to bed. Santa loves to work without being seen. He will only drop by your home when he is confident that no one is watching.




Santa is a magical man who can be quite unpredictable in terms of his visits, but completing the above steps increase the chances of him enjoying his visit. Do some interior decorating with the help of a domestic decorator, keep your home extra clean & neat, and leave cookies and milk out for him. In addition, hang some Christmas stockings, hang some “Welcome Santa” signs, and go to bed. When you do all this, you might wake up to loads of extra gifts and presents from him.